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Years ago I remember going to the Pulse club with friends occasionally. It was a small and quint little club. I remember they had a ping pong table, and the very last time I was there the two bartenders were playing against each other, because it was that slow. I enjoyed my time there with friends, having a couple of drinks and meeting new friends. It has become a more popular club I assume, I was surprised more than 300 people could actually fit in that little club.

It was there I met some important friends. I remember Nick, a friend, whom later was attacked by a coupled of haters outside a different club and how devastated his then boyfriend (now hubby) and we were. Which was why I made this group on DA in the first place. It's all too real when it happens right in your town.

So, Orlando became famous overnight for a hate crime. The town I grew up in and love is now the topic of the thing I live to be against, hate. Every fiber of my being rejects this idea. We're a friendly, full of sunshine town and we have always been. How did this happen? It has been a shock for us all who live here, and we are all grieving.

But at times of great tragedy, we should never focus on the murderers and their crimes, nor the intent and the hate, nor start hating or start terrorism baiting like the media, we need to focus on what we know best, love. It's cliche, I know, but after a horrible event like this, have my town changed from its usual loving, friendly place? It hasn't, if anything we're friendlier, because we say "wait, that's not who we are", because we know this event does not represent us nor does any horrific event represent the people of the area.

We are human beings, we live because we love, and we will go on living because we love. We will get through this because we love.

If you have any friend or family effected by this, please share the stories of your loved ones, so that we may all learn something about them and celebrate their lives.

Thank you,


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Group Information

Add a voice to EQUALITY. Lend a hand to STOP HATE CRIMES.

= Artists Against Hate Crimes =

Stop the Hate Group supports the equal rights of all human beings no matter sexual orientation, race, culture, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, or more. We support diversity of mankind and will open our arms to help those in need of love and support.

:star: How to Join :star:

The Group is open to all DeviantArt members.

:star: Artwork submission :star:

*We accept artworks in all categories.
***Please submit your art to the right folder, the featured folder is for the admins to pick***

*Any ORIGINAL artwork or literary work you are entitled the rights of distribution, or with permission, relating to anti-hate, anti-hate-crimes, anti-intolerance, anti-war, anti-racism, anti-cultism/public-rejection/humiliation… etc.
Or, subject of love, peace, diversity, pro-GLBT-rights, pro-love, pro-peace, pro-diversity… etc.
Or, documentary films of true stories, film (of ideals supported by the group), photos of tragedies, documents of helping and caring, illustration of like subjects, stamps, advertisements for charity and or equal rights organizations… etc, ARE ALL WELCOME.

~Please place proper warnings in your Deviation submissions if needed.

:star: Suggestions :star:
Favorite suggestions are very welcomed and encouraged.

:heart: Share your story :heart:

We welcome the sharing of writings of true stories, personal experiences, personal literary pieces, poems, and artworks of personal stories of any art form. Share your story so that your pain, and the pain of your loved ones will not be ignored, and that your love will be spread.

:star: Share your knowledge :star:

We welcome anyone to share the facts of history, religion, cause of hatred, psychological factors, factors of misunderstanding, facts of homosexuality, scientific studies, facts of war, and any other facts and knowledge you know to remedy the lack of knowledge/understanding some may have towards these subjects. Please cite your sources. Let's be the dictionary to equality.

:star: Lending a helping hand :star:

We will do whatever we can to spread and support of equal rights. Add a voice to a better world for everyone. The time to stay silent has long been over due.

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annnonymoose Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
i hate furries,bronies,fnaffags,underfags and more cancer
MissMuffinTop Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016   Writer
Get out. 
annnonymoose Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
looks like someone is triggered
Owyn-Ross Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
Can you report this guy? Whocaresmemy9909
CodenameParanormal Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
What has this individual done other than self expression? We can help you if this person has tried to attack you on DA in some way in a personal and offensive way which violates terms of use of DeviantArt. Otherwise although we may not agree with some individuals in their ways of expression or opinion (sometimes vulgar), there is not much we can do in this regard. Let us know.
Owyn-Ross Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Professional General Artist
He's been insinuating hate art as a sane solution to people's problem, which I think otherwise.
CodenameParanormal Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I see. In our experience, unless he or she is attacking people personally or infringing on the rights of other users, or misusing copy-righted material, there's not much we can do about their opinions, hateful or otherwise. I would stop giving them attention, arguing with individuals like this may not be the best approach. And hope that because most of them are young, that they would eventually grow out of the ideas or phases. Also understand that they may have different life experiences that are underlying causes for their hateful ideas or thoughts. 
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CodenameParanormal Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... haters of all walks. Hopefully, they'll grow out of it. Fear is one of those things, our innate reaction is to hate and look as if we're a strong person for not "fearing" it. It's fear, nonetheless. 
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